Susanne Dittrich

Esittelyssä Susanne Dittrich

My name is Susanne Dittrich and I am based south of Hamburg.

– the majority of my commissioned work takes me to the southern hemisphere in my pursuit of eternal sunshine.

Growing up as a daughter of the photographer meant that I started learning the trade early… from 5 years old I was a model, a director and an assistant for my father with whom I worked professionally for 9 years before starting out on my own.

In a bid to see more of the world I took a brief break from photography when I was younger to become a magician’s assistant and tour the world with a circus…and I´m trying to bring this joy-de-vivre through all my work.

Besides work I love my horse and the nature, spending as much time as possible in the outdoors.

I´m so pleased to be part of the Kidd.O Magazine, which is done with so much love and compassion.