Esittelyssä Petra Klapprott

Kidd.O:n neljäs numero ilmestyy kauppoihin 2.9.2015! On siis aika esittellä uuden numeron mahtavia tekijöitä jälleen!

Ensimmäisenä itsestään kertoo Petra Klapprott.

Hi, my name is Petra Klapprott. I am based in Cologne, Germany. My career as a fashion stylist took off in the 1990s when I co-founded the international kids fashion magazine Kid’s Wear. Since those days I have contributed  to numerous campaigns as a stylist and fashion editor and been traveling around the world for photo productions.

I enjoy the inspirational side of life especially in form of music, art and friends.

A lot of my ideas derive from traveling. I like to pack a few things and a camera and head off to explore unknown territories. My discoveries often include accessories and fashion pieces that lead to new photo ideas and art projects.

The wind story for Kidd.O included a wool scarf from Asia and it made as a cover try of the #4 Kidd.O issue! Thanks to Kidd.O and its open minded team for great fun and a freshly breezed collaboration. Kidd.O! Continue your joyful, lovely, and sweet magazine!